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Kaiser Design is a DESIGN AND ANIMATION studio which brings new emotions and colors to stories. We create Ideas, Websites, Logos, Video, Illustrations and much more. We are a design and animation studio who loves adding new emotions and colours to stories or creating brand new stories from strategy to polished graphical design and naturally moving animation. Curiously, we like to be forthcoming and responsible too.

We create productive creative designs for all media and Design websites that boost your business. A very powerful web and creative development company that employs only the best talents and technology for serving the clients needs all around the world.

Kaiser Design started in year 2012 creating websites, print media, creative designs and providing web services. With its expertise the company is providing comprehensive services from strategic consulting to web design, Design Stuff and Social media promotion services throughout the world.

Our highly disciplined approach to every project we undertake gives our customers a positive experience. We create designs that not only looks fantastic and professional but also help generate productive inquiries.

Its just not enough to have an online presence anymore in the highly competitive world of internet. The key lies in determining that your Website is able to effectively mobilize a high ROI (Return On Investment) and improve the way you and your clients interact.


Sonal is the main person behind Kaiser Design. He is the multitalented, a Designer and Frontend Developer who is a true mine of creative ideas for everyone at our team. While creating designs he works closely with clients and pay much attention to the preparatory work. He is also actively engaged as a freelance designer.

He started it with dream to lead companies to growth and success. With more than 16 years of experience, he has make his dream a reality. Years of work have nurtured and grown the leadership skills and gave the Kaiser Design team the confidence to sail and continue sailing during rough seas and high tides. Full of energy and always ready to learn from his Design skills and web development, while being the best example of his experience.

Sonal previously worked as a Creative Manager but he never felt the “WOW” feeling while working for someone else. He always had bigger dreams of creating his own success. Sonal ensures that he and his team are always up to date with the latest technologies and he enjoys trying new things. Sonal continues growing Kaiser Design as a Creative Company, and plans to take Design, web design and development to a whole new level.


Our mission is to support our clients with the best customer service and technical support for any projects that we undertake. We truly value all our clients and treat them equally and always look forward to maintain our quality. As a global offshore development firm we thrive to provide cost effective quality solution to the customers globally in the field of web development, Print Media and digital branding.

Our mission is to assist our clients in presenting a professional front to the marketplace. Presentation is everything and we believe this at UI Direct.This is why we offer the array of services that we do. Our clients need to showcase themselves in a professional manner – and this is why we offer web design, graphic design, Internet marketing, social media management, and much more. Today, consumers are everywhere. They look at websites, they look at Facebook and twitter, they look at letterhead, and they look at everything else in order to determine whether a company is “worthy” of doing business with them. If you fail to provide a professional image in any one of these areas, you may fail to obtain the level of business and thus the level of success that needs to be achieved. Our mission is to help with your professionalism through the services that we offer.

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